What kind of vendors are you looking for?

POP-UP ART N CRAFTS is looking for artist and designer craftspeople who create handmade and manufactured products influenced by the past and present.

What are the booth sizes and cost?

Large booths are 10’x10’ and $350* Medium booths are 8’x10’ and $250* small booths are 6’x10’ and $150* Payment for your desired booth is required when you submit your app- lication. Applications will not be juried without a paid booth fee. Should you not be accepted, you will be refunded the entire payment.

What does the booth fee cover?

There are additional charges should you choose to rent 4’, 6’ and 8’ folding tables, There are $25, $30 and $35 comes with two chairs. Some of the rental space will provide tables and chairs for free. POP-UP ART N CRAFTS works very hard to keep these additional costs as low as possible for our vendors.

Can i share a booth?

Yes, you may share a booth with another vendor. Booths may not be shared by more than two vendors, and the person with whom you would like to share must join the membership program as well. POP-UP ART N CRAFTS will not be res- ponsible for pairing vendors in booths.

Do i need a membership to be a vendor?

Yes, all vendors must pay the annual membership fee and provide copies of all relevant licenses and or permits.

How much is the annual membership fee? what are the benefits?

POP-UP ART N CRAFTS is a new program for emerging artist and designer to hone their craft, work in a professional and creative setting, and build a community. Under the membership program, vendors will receive guarantee of showing each other month and an online artist profile. Like no other fair, we don’t collect non refundable application fee with no gua- rantee, we accept all kinds of art and support local artists, designer-makers & crafters. Especially students, with our program is great way to meet other artists and take your art work to next level.

Join POP-UP ART N CRAFTS today to advance in your art career!

Annual Membership Fee: $50 Student Membership Fee $45

*The annual membership fee is non refundable and cannot be prorated.

When is the deadline for my application?

POP-UP ART N CRAFTS will host art fair events every first weekend of the month. Application deadline - Soft deadline is every 1st day of the month; Hard dead- line is every 15th of the month. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply early to ensure your best chance of being accepted! Returning vendors must reapply by login, no need to upload files and works, make sure you often updated your profile.

Is there an application fee?

No! It is free and easy to apply.

How soon after i apply will i know if i have been accepted or not?

Once the application and payment is received, you can expect to hear the results of the jurying process within 48 hours. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply early to ensure your best chance of being accepted.

How does the jurying process work?

Applications are received and reviewed by the POP-UP ART N CRAFTS team. We look for the quality, originality, and potential of the work.

Does my work have to be diy or specifically “crafts”?

There are no restrictions on items that would be categorized as fine art or fine craft. POP-UP ART N CRAFTS seeks to bridge that space between “craft” and “fine art” and welcomes applicants working in all areas.

I’d love to be a sponsor of pop-up art n crafts! where can i get more information?

We have many exciting opportunities for sponsors interested in being part of the POP-UP ART N CRAFTS experience! Email us for more information.